Travel Tips Every Traveler Should Know


Traveling can be exciting and daunting at the same time. If you have traveled before, whether to a local or international destination, you know that this activity requires a lot of careful planning. If you miss on this important step, you cannot expect for your travel to go smoothly.

While some people are keen to find ways to save on their airfare and accommodation, others pay more attention to other important details, which will ensure their travel to go seamless.  Here are some tips you can apply when planning for your next travel.

Before your date of travel, make sure you are fully aware of the security rules of the airline and that you possess all the travel papers and documents required. You may need to find out how much luggage you can bring and how much you will be charged for excess luggage. Depending on the place you are going to, you may need to find out other supplemental travel documents that you need to provide.

Once you are sure you can comply with the security rules of the airline and you have the necessary documents and papers, you can proceed on studying the history and traditions of the place you are traveling to. A little knowledge on its background and lifestyle can definitely go a long way in ensuring a successful travel. You don’t necessarily have to study the dates on when the landmark was established but knowing a little of its history will help you decide whether you are interested or not in including it in your travel itinerary.

If you have friends who have been to that destination you are planning to go, it is a great idea to ask for some tips from them. They are most likely to tell you the best places to visit and can even advise you on the do’s and don’ts. They can also recommend you with hotels and restaurants that are affordable and activities that will help you make the most of your travel experience.

For travelers who are up for some adventures during their travel, you should never go without your smartphones. Google maps and other applications that might be useful and helpful during your trip can be easily accessed using this device. It is highly beneficial too in case you get lost and trying to navigate your way out of a specific place.

Want to find the best deals when traveling? The internet is one of the best places to find the most lucrative travel deals on transportation, hotel and vehicle rental. Various travel sites online offer not only the ease in booking, but also in locating the most money-saving opportunities. Discounts and promos are almost always available online and if you are not quick enough to find them, you might be paying more than you are supposed to for the same travel experience.

You can make traveling a smooth undertaking with a proper plan in place.



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Solo travel.


How to find friends as a solo traveler


One of the scariest things about traveling solo is the thought of being alone. We don’t travel alone because we want to be completely alone (perhaps some do), but we travel solo so we can challenge ourselves and meet new people along the way. But before you do set off on your own, you’ll probably be having all these thoughts to yourself such as “What if I won’t find any like minded people? Or what if I don’t find any people at all?”. It’s normal to feel this way. I’m sure everyone who’s traveled alone has thought about this. But don’t worry! There’s tons of ways you can meet people while traveling. In fact, you’ll notice when you start traveling that you’re very rarely alone. So let’s check out how to find friends as a solo traveler!


Stay at hostels


Hostels is the nr 1 spot for finding people you can travel with, even if it’s just for one day. Backpackers flock to hostels because it’s usually the cheaper options, but also for the social aspects. Hostels are known for being a hot spot for travelers who are also looking to meet up with other travelers, so the first thing you should do is to check out hostels in the place you’re going to. Read the reviews thoroughly as well! Check what solo travelers has said about the atmosphere and if the hostel makes any effort to make it more social. Also – check if they have reviews about bed bugs! You don’t want those kind of friends.




Even if you’re not looking for a host to stay with, couchsurfing is actually a great platform where you can just meet up with other people on this site. Perhaps you can meet up with locals or other travelers who are also looking for company. Just check the forums or make one yourself! You’ll most likely get an answer quickly since it’s a huge community. Staying with a host is also a way to meet people. I’ve had some of the best times while couchsurfing. I got to meet my hosts friends, we went out for dinner, hiking, shopping, etc. It’s a fantastic platform that brings together travelers.


Travel forums


The first time I was traveling alone, I was terrified. I was 19 and going to Thailand. Back in those days (God, I feel old) there weren’t really established hostels as there are today. You met others while drinking basically. So I decided to check out some travel forums and wrote a post about me looking for a travel partner to at least start the journey with. Two girls replied and I ended up traveling with one of them for the entire trip! She also ended up becoming one of my closest friends. For traveling solo for the first time, it felt nice to have someone with me to at least start the trip with. After that, I felt more confident to travel by myself and realized that it’s so easy to meet other people, as long as you’re open minded and social too. You won’t be meeting people just by sitting alone in your room, join some events, chat with people and don’t be shy! Everyone’s in the same situation as you.

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How to Make Money while Doing What you Love—Traveling


You may not believe it, but there are people who are getting paid while traveling. In fact, there are lots of careers in traveling out there that pay really well.

There are several ways you can make money out of traveling that does not involve finding a salaried job such as becoming an airline pilot or stewardess, a travel nurse, a cruise ship worker, a chef or a hospitality agent at a resort. There are careers associated with traveling that is not challenging to enter, allowing you to go according to your desires and earn cash as you go.

Some people make this a full-time job but you also have the choice to turn it into a part-time job. The choice is yours. Here are some suggestions on ways you can make money while you travel, based on your interests and preferences. We are dependant on sponsors like them for survival, so let us know if you want to sponsor our next post. Here you go:

  • Be a tour guide. Depending on your interests, you can have this type of travel career. Whether you are into wine and food tasting, writing, arts and history, painting or snorkeling, you can find people who have the same interests as yours to pay you to take and lead them during your vacation.  

Many people are earning smart cash with this career and not to mention, it comes with a bonus which is being able to go to destinations you have always dreamed of going.

  • Create travel videos. This is one of the popular ways many people are going for when it comes to making money while traveling. There are resorts that are willing to pay you to make videos for them in the hopes of getting more leads for their business.

You don’t need to use a professional camera to get started. Your smartphone will do. The best thing about this career is there is not that much competition and you can even increase your profit by creating the videos and selling them online.

  • Write articles for traveling. If you have an interest in writing and you have traveled all the same, this may be the career for you. There are several publications searching for some reviews of resorts, hotels, and restaurants from writers. As you get more established in writing, you will be get paid regularly to write more articles.
  • Do travel photography. This type of travel career can be achieved in a number of ways. You can combine your interest in writing and take pictures to make more money by submitting your photos together with the article.

You also have the option to upload the photos online or earn a commission when someone adds purchases your photo. There are plenty of ways you can sell your photo on the internet. You don’t need to set up your own website.

Do you have interests that match the above careers? Start assessing your interests and likes as early as today, if you dreamed of traveling and make money at the same time.

For further reading on this topic read this post by the famous traveler Matthew Karsten, who wrote on how he makes money while traveling world. Fun read!!

See you next time!


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Mistakes that people are making when going to Ireland


Ireland. A great holiday destination for many people. However, there are some people that are going to Ireland that are making some common mistakes that can ruin their holiday. If you know the mistakes that other people are making, then it will be easier for you to know what things to avoid and how you can have the best possible experience, when you are visiting Ireland. These are some of the mistakes that you should avoid when you are going on your trip to Ireland.

Tourists think that there isn’t too much too see

The one mistake that many tourists are making when visiting Ireland is the fact that they think that there aren’t many tourist attractions in Ireland. And, at the end of the day, they are regretting the fact that they have missed on a couple of attractions that they have missed.

There are many tourist attractions that one just need to see when you are in this beautiful country. However, if you don’t have enough time or you didn’t plan thoroughly, then you might not see everything you wanted to see.

Trying to avoid the people living in Ireland

Many tourists are afraid to talk to the people that are living in the country. Yes, there are some countries where the people aren’t friendly and that you should rather avoid. However, this isn’t the case in Ireland. This is a country where the people are friendly towards foreigners and they might even assist you in getting the best tourists attractions that you need to see.

Not doing research before making your hotel reservations

By just making a booking at any hotel or resort without doing research might be something that you are going to regret later on. If you don’t research beforehand, how do you know that you are going to book at an affordable, but great hotel or resort?

There is a different type of hotels in Ireland, and you need to do a bit of research before you can say that you have found your accommodation option.

Not experiencing the real Ireland

There are Ireland from the eye of tourists and then there are the real Ireland. Most people are trying to live Ireland as a tourist and not as a real Irelander. This can have a huge difference in how you are going to experience Ireland and if you are going to go back to this beautiful country with great customs.

Ireland. A great country to visit, if you don’t make the same mistakes as so many other tourists. You need to make sure that you are going to know the mistakes that other tourists have made before you are making the same mistakes. This will ensure that you have the best possible time in Ireland.