How to Make Money while Doing What you Love—Traveling


You may not believe it, but there are people who are getting paid while traveling. In fact, there are lots of careers in traveling out there that pay really well.

There are several ways you can make money out of traveling that does not involve finding a salaried job such as becoming an airline pilot or stewardess, a travel nurse, a cruise ship worker, a chef or a hospitality agent at a resort. There are careers associated with traveling that is not challenging to enter, allowing you to go according to your desires and earn cash as you go.

Some people make this a full-time job but you also have the choice to turn it into a part-time job. The choice is yours. Here are some suggestions on ways you can make money while you travel, based on your interests and preferences. We are dependant on sponsors like them for survival, so let us know if you want to sponsor our next post. Here you go:

  • Be a tour guide. Depending on your interests, you can have this type of travel career. Whether you are into wine and food tasting, writing, arts and history, painting or snorkeling, you can find people who have the same interests as yours to pay you to take and lead them during your vacation.  

Many people are earning smart cash with this career and not to mention, it comes with a bonus which is being able to go to destinations you have always dreamed of going.

  • Create travel videos. This is one of the popular ways many people are going for when it comes to making money while traveling. There are resorts that are willing to pay you to make videos for them in the hopes of getting more leads for their business.

You don’t need to use a professional camera to get started. Your smartphone will do. The best thing about this career is there is not that much competition and you can even increase your profit by creating the videos and selling them online.

  • Write articles for traveling. If you have an interest in writing and you have traveled all the same, this may be the career for you. There are several publications searching for some reviews of resorts, hotels, and restaurants from writers. As you get more established in writing, you will be get paid regularly to write more articles.
  • Do travel photography. This type of travel career can be achieved in a number of ways. You can combine your interest in writing and take pictures to make more money by submitting your photos together with the article.

You also have the option to upload the photos online or earn a commission when someone adds purchases your photo. There are plenty of ways you can sell your photo on the internet. You don’t need to set up your own website.

Do you have interests that match the above careers? Start assessing your interests and likes as early as today, if you dreamed of traveling and make money at the same time.

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